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We are close to you since 1997
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With a focus on the collaboration of well-known Italian brands we have developed a uniquely different portfolio that satisfies the needs around the house, the kitchen and the furniture contract.

Ditre Italia specializes in the production of sofas, armchair sofa beds, dressed beds and accessories. The collection of Ditre Italia is offered on the condition that it will be unique, with an increased design requirement for every style and personal taste.

We started out with just one chair in 1923.

Today Novamobili stands out in the world of furniture for its vertebrate systems, wanting to inspire personal views of home life by designing furniture that rewrite the rules book so that we can create spaces around the objects we want to have near us.

The house, the place where you live, an emotional shelter. A long journey to design and aesthetic research to express what we are.

Nidi is a Battistella brand.

Our mission is to create furniture, decorative elements and accessories that are evocative and exciting.
A way of life, a way of being. This is Vondom.
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