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With a focus on the collaboration of well-known Italian brands we have developed a uniquely different portfolio that satisfies the needs around Hotels and Commercial Solutions.

We started out with just one chair in 1923. Today, with more than 800 catalogue products sold in 100 countries across the world, we can safely say that we made the right choice when we decided that Calligaris should be a company that keeps up with the times, perceiving the present with that sensitivity that allows for the most interesting and fruitful ideas to be transformed into furniture and decorative accessories ready to enter people's homes and find their place, creating unique spaces that speak volumes about their occupants.
Our mission is to create furniture, decorative elements and accessories that are evocative and exciting.

A way of life, a way of being. This is Vondom. Vanguard In & Out furniture made with passion. Designed by and for dynamic people, pioneers, strange guys ... like you, enjoying fashion and trends and demanding the best quality all around them.

Today Novamobili stands out in the world of furniture for its vertebrate systems, wanting to inspire personal views of home life by designing furniture that rewrite the rules book so that we can create spaces around the objects we want to have near us.
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